Become a Project Volunteer

The Hansens, Kip and Arden, will be the entire full-time staff of the Family-to-Family Project. We will be stationed in the northern regions of the Dominican Republic for the duration of the project.

To be successful, we will need your help as a Project Volunteer to help in your own community with the following tasks:

  1. Spreading the word about the Project within your circle of friends and acquaintances to help raise operating funds for the Project and to help us find families willing to lend.
  2. Acting as a "live contact point" for the Project in your community or area. Your name and address might be listed on the Project web site as a Local Volunteer (with your permission) so that interested persons can contact you and get information.
  3. Directing potential lenders to the Project information on the internet, sending out information packets to those requesting them, meeting with families interested in lending, answering questions, helping lenders deal with the details of lending through the Project, and following up with lenders so they can see the good their loan has done.
  4. One Project Volunteer will act as the "Stateside Project Office" to receive and forward mail and possibly to host an answering machine and telephone. [This position is currently being co-manned by our sons, Brett and Ben.

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