Our Mission

The Family-to-Family Project exists to alleviate poverty one family at a time. We do this by enabling families to become financially self-sufficient through self-employment by arranging and facilitating personal, family-to-family, micro-enterprise loans, allowing the borrowing families to bootstrap their way up the economic ladder with dignity.

The Pilot Project:

The two-year Pilot Project comprises:
  1. Incorporating as a not-for-profit charitable organization [DONE]
  2. Getting established on a minimal basis with adequate funding [DONE]
  3. Selecting an community in the developing world (probably in the Caribbean) in which to operate. [DONE: We will operate in the northern portions of the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispanola.]
  4. Moving the operating staff, the Hansens, to the selected community. [DONE]
  5. Establishing the Project in the target community, integrating into both the LDS church-community and the general community.  [DONE]
  6. Establishing "Small Business Mentoring Councils" to help prospective borrowers refine their business plans and submit requests for family to family micro-enterprise loans. [CANCELLED]
  7. Arranging and monitoring a number of short-term family to family micro-enterprise loans that help families work their way out of poverty. [DONE]
  8. Evaluate the value and workability of the Family-to-Family concept and prepare thorough documentation on its successes and failures with an eye to program replication in other areas. [IN PROGRESS - 2009]